Thursday, September 11, 2008

MISSING PERSONS REPORT...(Josh Barrett Found!)

Have you filed a report on "WHERE I'VE BEEN YET?" Ok - maybe not - maybe I think that more people actually read this blog than the 1-2 of you that probably actually do! I must say that I do get a kick out of writing into the (WorldWideWeb) BLOGOSPHERE every week or so thinking that someone actually comes to my blog and checks it out more than once!?

If you are one of the FEW - then to give you a quick report of the recent weeks on "JB's International and National Travels" / one could start a show called 'Where in the World is WALDO (aka Pastor Josh)?

Got back last week (Tuesday PM) from our FIJI OUTREACH TRIP! What an amazing experience! Homes of Hope is a very unique ministry making a pretty remarkable impact in the Human Traficking Industry! It was extremely a joy meeting these young women and there children who were so passionately friendly! GOD IS DOING SOME AMAZING THINGS IN THEIR LIVES - I am blessed to have played such a small part in them for those 7-8 days! WWW.VISIONABOLOTION.ORG is where you want to go to find out more info on how you may get invloved!
I was stateside for about TWO DAYS, catching up on what I missed in the DNC, and catching the 'Heart' of the RNC - and the shocking announcement of Gov Sarah Palin as Senator McCain's running mate! What an intriguing pick - one that I of personal opinion have found full of fresh air for the GOP! I am truly impressed with her inteligence, perserverance, and fortitude! Should make for an interesting couple months!
FOX NEWS seems to be a set channel in our household!

I left on FRIDAY PM of last week to go INTERNATIONAL traveling again - TEXAS! Now many might be saying right now - "Josh, Texas is a State in America!" (SSHHH) I know that, but they don't - so if they're any Texans that frequent this blog - we won't offend them! One of my bestfriends, Brad Wilkerson, officially launched the first COC Network Church (COC METRO / this past Sunday! What a day - 185 total people! They are doing a tremendous job in their quest of 'Making His Name More Famous" in the 380 Corridor! Congrats COC METRO!! Proud to be partnering with you!

Last week - the GREATEST SPORT finally arrived - the National Football League! With it - Fantasy Football came as well, once of my favorite 'little' things to do - it was a day that I do wish had not happened though! My #1 Draft Pick - TOM BRADY - was 'Shelfed' for the year, by none other than my Favorite Football Team - the Kansas City Chiefs (btw...who lost in the endeavor / looks like another GREAT YEAR for my CHIEFS)!

I am back and still a bit fuzzy in the head catching up on which TIMEZONE I actually am in?! But TIME is on my side, and focus is in sight!

First, I'd like to say a huge AMERICAN welcome to the newest COC Staff Member -
DUNCAN ROBINSON (just arrived from the land 'down under' - Austrailia)

-Duncan will be officially introduced this week at the COC!
-He will be leading the charge in our efforts at the COC in Discipleship, Assimilation & LIFE Groups!
-His wife, Carly, is not here yet, but plans are in motion for her to arrive mid-OCTOBER!
-Great young man of God - and passionate about joining us at the COC in 'Making His Name More Famous' in Maricopa!

This coming weekend will be the 4th week in our Current Series....
i am not but i know I AM

Louie Giglio writes in I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM…
“Humility is the instant rightsizing of ME that occurs with just one eyeful of His majesty! True Humility (not the false kind that ends up being about us at the end of the day) is not a sign of weakness, failure, or inability, but rather a sign that we are getting to know God and have glimpsed His glory! And once we see how glorious His glory really is we realize that all other glory is futile and fading, and totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.”

He continues to remind us to keep perspective...
“We are nothing more than tiny bundles of nanometer-sized components, yet people INFINITELY loved by God!”

Hope to see you on Sunday - I've missed ya!