Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At least the CARDS showed up!

I drank the Koolaid this past weekend and became a 'bandwagon' fan - watching the Cardinals lose a heartbreaker! I definitely give them credit for belonging there and acting like it with their performance on the field as well! If they were going to win that game - they had to overcome adversity from their own mistakes but officiating as well! I don't want to sound like a 'homer' but the officiating for the SUPER BOWL was a little below average - at best! I won't mention the 5-6 second 'HOLD' on Kurt Warner as he was trying to make a tackle on Harrison's run back for a TD at the end of the first half - and I won't mention the 'BLOCK IN THE BACK' that happened just moments later! All the same - I WILL MENTION the one that IRKS me the most...according to NFL Rules, a player is NOT ALLOWED to use the Football as a PROP in celebration of a TD - taking nothing away from the AMAZING CATCH that Santanio Holmes made - he DID use the Football as a Prop in mimicking 'LeBron James' pregame ritual with stick'em powder' - but I saw NO YELLOW HANKIES following that celebration. Folks...that's a 15 yard (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) Penalty which would have been assessed on the KICKOFF! That means this...the Steelers would have been kicking off from the 15 yard line instead of the 30 and the Cardinals would have been dealing with about 60 yards for a TD with .35 seconds and two Timeouts remaining - not 77 yards. Whatever would have happened would have happened then - but knowing a little about football - I would love to have had .15 left on the clock from the 25 as opposed to sitting on the 40 like they had!!

WHO KNOWS!??! There's my FOOTBALL 101 for ya this week!

I'm beginning a pretty busy week and getting ready to take my HOT WIFE (Ginger) to a Converge Worldwide Pastor's Conference in Orlando, Florida next week! Going to be fun! Pray for our safe travels please!


"SEE THE INVISIBLE" was rolled out! (www.seetheinvisible.info)

1.26 Million / Three Years

It's going to really be exciting to see what GOD is going to do through the COC in this Vision Initiative!

PIRATES Series Started...(Wk1) Everything On The Ship Be His
-We spoke on OWNERSHIP last week!
-Genesis 22, the story of Abraham and Isaac, and Abraham once and for all having that last 'conversation' with God about Ownership!
-He finally transferred the OWNERSHIP to God!

This week - we'll be (Wk2) He Wrote The Check ~ We Swab The Deck
-We'll be speaking directly about the Luke 12 (Parable of the Rich Fool) - a better perspective on Ownership -vs- Management!
-WHY do we GIVE and WHY 10%?

Should be a great week - see you there!!