Tuesday, April 28, 2009


CrAzY week - ALREADY?! Isn't it just nuts sometimes when weeks seem to get so PACKED - so QUICKLY? TIME is really a gift - and if we don't spend it wisely - we don't get much of a return on it!

Wanda (my mother-in-law) just left yesterday - after spending a week+ with us - she is a GREAT LADY - and I appreciate her help when she's here! Ginger will miss her the most - for sure! She really lightens her load! TY Wanda - I LOVE YOU!

My folks get here this Friday - for a week+ visit! They just bought a house here in Maricopa and are moving here in JULY! I know...GREAT TIME TO MOVE TO ARIZONZA - they will be openly welcomed with about 117 degrees of WARMTH! We really are looking forward to having them here - just about a mile away! One great thing is that they got a "STEAL" of a buy - great purchase price on a fully-loaded "MODEL" home - and a $100 bill of sale for EVERYTHING IN IT! The great thing is this - the new 52 ince HD/Flat Screen that was in it - is now JB's! That's right - Monday Night Football will never look the same!! AWESOME!!! (Oh yeah... TY M&D!!)


Week 3 / WEDLOCKED / What Men Need...

Breaking down the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Eph 5:22-33) a little more...

3. SEX!!! (This one rocks!)

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How about this for a forecast in late APRIL...

TODAY...currently at 95°

WED...102° / THUR...100° / FRI...94° / SAT...90° / SUN...89°

It's HEATING up fast in AZ!

Good things about the HEAT...

1. Swimming (Isaac loves that the most!)

2. Golf Prices Drop (JB loves that the most!)

3. No School for the Summer (Isaac & Caleb love that the most!)

Bad things about the HEAT...

1. A/C Prices go up!

2. By late August into early September - you've had about ALL you can with it!



PINK and BLUE - The mystery of Marriage!

Hope your week in MARRIAGE is going well!?

Looking forward to another exciting week as we discover the differences between HOPE & EXPECTATIONS!

If you haven't yet to join us for our current series... WEDLOCKED - make it happen this Sunday, April 26th (Maricopa Elementary School) 8:30A / 10:00A / 11:30A

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Back in the routine of things! Summer is a comin'! Temps are really getting warmer and before you know it - it'll be good ol' ARIZONA - 100 degrees and up...up...up!!! Pool temp is warming as well - which definitely excites ISAAC!

So...what's happening in the life of the Barrett's this week?

Just got notification yesterday from our HOA that we have a BEE HIVE/COLONY that has chosen OUR Irrigation Box in our front yard to begin their "BUSY LITTLE BEE - WORK!" Basically...we gotta get rid of them! First thoughts...WHY MY HOUSE!?!? Their are so many VACANT properties in my subdivision - WHAT was so intriguing about 36567 W El Greco and it's Irrigation Box? So my search began...WHO can do something about them and WHAT'S it gonna cost me? You know what my first quote was? $700 to remove them!??!?!?!? Back to my original question...WHY MY HOUSE?!?! Finally, through a thorough process of elimination we landed on a much more affordable and comfortable $125! Nonetheless...the BEES were pretty ticked this morning when BEE CONTROL arrived - but the forecast is that in a few days - they will be gone!

Lesson to be learned...with the ODDS of something ODD & RARE happening to the Barrett household - take the ODDS!!


If your marriage doesn’t have a destination, how will you know when you arrive? Great marriages are no accident! They require ongoing understanding, clear communication and unconditional love! The commitments you made to your spouse were not meant to make you feel WED…LOCKED! They were to ensure that your Wedding Vows would be “LOCKED”for better or for worse!
Hope to see this weekend at the COC! (8:30a / 10:00A / 11:30A)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back for more...

Hey Friends! I guess I could look at my blogging lapses through a 'glass half full perspective' - and say that at least I have not allowed it to become an addiction! Still making efforts to post at least once a week - just not completing those efforts as frequently as possible!

Isaac is now completely missing BOTH big two front teeth! Too bad Christmas is nearby - so he could ask Santa for them! I took him to the Driving Range yesterday - and he really has a nice swing! If he could show me that he's serious about it - maybe it's something worth moving forward with! Swimming is right around the corner - so we'll test those 'Michael Phelps' abilities as well!

Caleb...OH CALEB!! What can I say about this little guy! GREAT day at school...GOOD day at school...FAIR day at school...BAD day at school! Consistency is so KEY in his development - Sue Ann is GREAT with him! He is just such a busy little dude!

Charis...ROCKS MY WORLD! She is still the perfect anecdote for my wife's consistent health issues! Her smile melts a room and I am DESPERATELY in love with her!

Ginger...Battling everyday with those STONES! I am very proud of her ability to deal with adversity! We could all learn a lesson or two from her! Our 15th Anniversary is coming up in JUNE - what to do...what to do?

Just finished our HOW NOT TO BE A FOOL Series last week! Enjoyed it greatly - and we had many people sign up for CELEBRATE RECOVERY! God really is good!

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven ~ But Nobody Wants To Die

What else can you say or do with this Sunday! The PASSION OF CHRIST at Holy Week presents a message of HOPE & GRACE without any assistance from you or me! THANK YOU JESUS!

It is easy to look at the cross and conclude that this was the worst miscarriage of human justice in the history of the world, but that is not the rest of the story. The crucifixion, the death of Jesus Christ was actually the most gracious act of divine justice ever carried out! Jesus Christ died WILLINGLY! Becoming the atonement for sin, for the very ones who killed Him. In fact, this all happened according to plan, His plan! He orchestrated the whole process down to the finest of details. It was here at the cross of Christ that MERCY and TRUTH met together; and RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE kissed each other!

COME JOIN US!! (8:30A / 10:00A / 11:30A)