Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry for the DELAY...

So... it's been a while - I know! However... I do have good reason!

First... (June 13th Week) I was in California (Anaheim) for our Regional Conference's Annual Gathering (Converge Southwest) - was able to 'Glean' from ED STETZER (www.edstetzer.com) & JOHN JENKINS (www.fbcglenarden.org) - Great Stuff!
-Was able to do "DISNEY" too! (California Adventure as well - Hopper Passes!)
-Saw my bro (Jeff) briefly and received a tour of his new Sail Boat!
-Golfed at Anaheim Hills with my buddy - Brad Wilkerson!
-Enjoyed QUALITY time with my COC TEAM!
-Good Week!

Second... (June 21st Week) I was back in AZ - but not home! This was FAMILY REUNION Week! My mom's side (Abuhl's) all gathered at MARRIOTT @ The Buttes up in Mesa for the week! My grandmother (Marylin) and all her children (8 of 'em) all were able to make it with numerous generational offspring as well - over 65 made it out for this Reunion - the biggest we've ever seen! Very nice break!

NOW... back in the office after a few week lay off! Getting ready now for the BIG SUMMER BIBLE CLUB... "CHILL" (The Arctic Adventure) - right around the corner (July 13-15)! Praying for 750+ kids! Pray for Ginger's SaNiTy over the next couple weeks! Her folks (Tom & Wanda) getting in this weekend (Independence Day Weekend) and will be playing with us for about 2 wks!

My M&D just left today - heading back to MISSOURI to 'OFFICIALLY' close up shop in Southwest Missouri and begin living the 'Retired' Life in the SOUTHWEST!! They'll probably get back here (PERMANENTLY) - the first part of AUGUST! Looking forward to having my folks nearby!

Kids are doing GREAT!
-Isaac is busy with JR GOLF & SWIMMING!
-Caleb is done with ESY (Extended School Year) and VERY BUSY around the house and in the pool!
-Charis is MOBILE! Walking EVERYWHERE now!


We're heading into our 4th week of the HYDE & SEEK Series (Study of David's Life) - this week we go the "HYDE" moments of David's life - and discuss some LESSONS FROM THE LEDGE! His 'BATHSHEBA' experience - 'BE CAREFUL LITTLE EYES WHAT YOU SEE!'

Come join us - should be a BLAST!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just finished up the last couple days at the CONVERGE SOUTHWEST "Gathering!" Good time... Ed Stetzer / Pastor John Jenkins - GREAT INFO!

Missio Dei
'Get Out Of The Boat!'
'Don't put New Wine in Old Wineskins!' (Be a risk taker!)
'We are the SALT of the World!'

Tommorow is the CELEBRATION of one of the GREATEST DAYS of my life! 15 Years ago - my beautiful bride - GINGER LEIGH - and myself - COVENANTED our lives together! She has made me a BETTER MAN - I only hope & pray that I have been the husband that she always dreamed for!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... My Bestfriend - My Partner - My Lover!

Unfortunately... We are a part for this one - only for a few days! I will be at Disneyland & California Adventure with my team in Cali! But... she will be treated at a later date with some CREATIVE ROMANCE!
THE "LOVE" OF MY LIFE - and my little "ANGEL!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Twittering Baby...

I have an official rank of... TWEETIE-MASTER .05

Ck it out - @cocpj

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

JUNE... Already!??!

What's up with the Summer just FLYING by? For some reason though - we are getting a bit of a reprieve here in AZ so far! Temps haven"t cracked the 100's that often - and the pm's have been INCREDIBLE! TY Jesus!

Busy week here - got lots to do before I head to California (Anaheim) next week - it's our annual regional conference 'Gathering' (Converge Southwest)! I'm taking my staff pastors - and we're looking forward to a short break and the opportunity to glean from guru's like Ed Stetzer! I do love my team!

The following week - over 60 Abuhl's (my Mom's side of the family) - will be gathering in ARIZONA as we have our Family Reunion! Really looking forward to seeing family and getting connected once again! Should be a GREAT week of 'FUN IN THE (valley of the...) SUN!"

Isaac started SWIMMING last week - did really good in his first meet too! Michael Phelps in the making! He said the funniest thing to me the other day - following his first practice... There was a FEAR of the dreaded "SPEEDO" that he was going to have to wear - so I was prepping him for this often and keeping in conversation often. So... I told him not to worry about it - it really wasn't that "Big of a Deal." After I said this - there was a brief pause from the back of my truck - and then I heard him say this... 'NO BIG DEAL Dad!? How about you going home and putting on a pair of Mom's underwear and going to FRY's or WAL-MART?!" The boy is TOO QUICK - after a hard laugh - we came to the understanding that his illustration (though very good and clever) was not the same as SWIMMING IN ONE!! He also starts JR GOLF next Monday (daddy likes this)!

Caleb started ESY (Extended School Year) last week - and that's going really good! Early AM's though - the bus comes at 7A! Still the same ole' Caleb though - in his own little world! I sure do LOVE the little dude!

Charis has recently discovered a new face - we call it... "STINK FACE!" Her expressions are incredible - she reminds us so much of Isaac! Anyway... she does it to 'PLAY' with us and she does it when she gets into a little trouble too! Mommy says that I'm confusing her when I get her to do it - but you check this face out and let me know if a SMILE doesn't appear when you see it too!?



Taking a closer look at the LIFE OF DAVID!

Ever battle against what you know you should do and what you actually end up doing? Ever felt torn between right and wrong? You’re not alone! David was a man who was slaying giants for God at one moment and committing adultery the next! He would SEEK God on Sunday and HYDE from Him on Monday! This was from someone the Bible calls… “a man after God’s own heart!” David won many battles in life, but the greatest battles always lie within. The real question for you today is… ‘Will you HYDE or will you SEEK?”