Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facebook -vs- Blogging

That's the real question for today! Both serve the same purpose - right? Keeping up with both is a challenge - I'm now down to Facebook once a week, and it's on my schedule to update my Blog once a week - but we know how that's been...right? I'm doing my best - thanks for your patience with my extremely inconsitent posts - we'll keep them coming as often as possible - no guarantees!
Just got back from a 'quick trip' to Missouri to see my nephew play in Football! What a great game he had - he is highly touted, and numerous colleges/universities are looking seriously at him - being 6'5'' and 210, running the 4o in 4.6-, plus having a 4.0 cumulative GPA helps the interest! HARVARD is really into him, and I think they have the edge thus far! It was really nice seeing the family - if only for a short time! I also took CHARIS with me - after some pretty intense negotiations with Ginger, to let her go! She was PHENOMINAL - as usual - a lot like her Daddy! First Plane Ride - First Trip to Missouri - many FIRSTS!!

This week is FALL BREAK - both boys (Isaac & Caleb) are out of school for the week, Tom & Wanda (Ginger's folks) arrive today, and I'll be taking a few days off for some FUN FAMILY TIME! Looking forward to it!



Started a new series last week called...
It's all about JOY...
-Searching For Joy
-Fighting For Joy
-Praying For Joy

Unless we fully understand THE JOY OF JESUS, we will never understand THE JOY OF HIS SALVATION! When one confesses their sin and asks Jesus to help them turn from it, He touches them and says, “Be of GOOD CHEER! Your sins are forgiven and your faith has made you whole; welcome to the kingdom of God.” In one word, Jesus says… “JOY!”
The JOY of the Lord is not something we DO, it’s something we RECEIVE and to which we are prompted to RESPOND! SEARCHING FOR JOY TODAY? You’ll never know the JOY OF JESUS until you know THE JESUS OF JOY!

Come on out and WORSHIP with us this Sunday! Should be a blast!!
OCT 26th - We Launch a THIRD SERVICE!!!
10:00A (Addicted SH Youth)
11:30A (Addicted MS Youth)
Don't FORGET to come see us at MARICOPA TRICK-or-TREAT / OCT 31st!!