Friday, December 12, 2008

I Am Still Here...

Blogging is more difficult than I thought - for some reason, I just don't have quite the time I thought I would to post 'Thoughts' & 'Happenings' as often as I would have imagined! But you guessed it - it (Blogging) has moved up the list on New Year's Resolutions - so I am making a commitment to be more consistent in 2009! Let's see...

2009 has been planned and laid out for the COC! Exciting new adventures this year and I am looking forward to what God has in store! We (COC Staff) had a GREAT TIME in Silverthorne, Colorado last week - finalizing the details of 2009! TY to Gary for lining up such a 'sweet cabin' for us that week! TY to my Mom & Mom-In-Law for making it possible for Ging and I to get a week away! TY to God for giving us a BRILLIANT 36+ INCHES while we there and to COPPER for making the slopes - smooth on our Ski Day!!

Ginger has really been dealing with her Kidney Stones more often lately! Please keep her in your prayers! Her visit this week to the Eurologist indicated that her Kidney's are 'locked and loaded' - TEN STONES IN EACH KIDNEY!! He also was concerned that the stones as of late are increasing in size for some unbeknownst reason!? This means one thing - TOUGH DAYS ARE AHEAD! Pray for her!!
Kiddos ROCK! Only FIVE more days till Christmas Break - we're heading back to Missouri to see family for a few days - looking forward to WINTER WEATHER!! Attached a few pix for you all to catch up on!


Wrapping up our JUICY FRUIT Series this and next week (Gentleness/Self-Control) - it's been a good one! Ck out our podcast if you'd like a listen (!
Stay tuned for more info on 2009's first Series - FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!!!!!!

Getting ready for FOUR Christmas Eve Services this year!

Dec 24th / 3p - 4:15p - 5:30p - 6:45p

Come on out and CELEBRATE with us!!