Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WAL-MART has arrived...

Just last week - a HUGE EVENT took place here in MARICOPA - AZ! WAL-MART has come to our small city - AMAZING! It was quite unusual the other day - inside the store - jam packed with people - and surreal to think that I was IN WAL-MART and also IN MARICOPA!

Ginger is quite ecstatic - she even started last night - with what might become a weekly ritual - a 10-12p 'RUN' to our very own - local - "WALLY-WORLD!"

Isaac is pestering me to take him - as if it is a monumental moment or something!? I guess when you live in a smaller town - and something as significant as this happens - it's easy to get excited about such an event! How pathetic - eh?!

Boys are done with school this week - Isaac can't wait! Caleb will be out for a couple weeks - then back to school (ESY / Extended School Year / aka 'Summer School) - here comes the 'Short Bus!' This helps with him in not regressing with what he has learned - his whole life is centered around pattern and consistency! He has done well this year - and we are so proud of him! Isaac has become my 'GOLFING BUDDY' - we've been playing about once a week together - he's getting GOOD - I love it!




Brian (Gather Pastor) did a GREAT job this past week with the GATHER concept! Worship Team was amazing - and it was a GREAT 'change of pace!' Isaac Carlson was also incredible (ck the podcast)!

This Sunday... Duncan (Grow Pastor) speaks in regards to WHAT we do - when we Gather! GROW!!! Should be a great message!

See you Sunday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Baby Girl is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to my PRECIOUS Baby Girl -

Where does the time go? Just a year ago - we were in Wichita, KS (dodging Tornados) - taking her home from the Hospital! She is truly a JOY and has proven to be the best form of medicine for Ginger and her ailments! She's changed our life for the BEST!

Daddy loves you BABY GIRL!

It's just a week(end) of Birthday's! This past Sunday, we celebrated the COC's 3rd Birthday! Again...it seemed just like yesterday that we touched down in Arizona! Meeting in the old HS Gym on SUNDAY NIGHTS! Stoked to see those 30-35 people show up each week! Now...here we are - three years later - close to 800 people coming every week!! WOW - GOD IS AMAZING!

Sunday Snapshot...

2nd Week of our -
WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO... (CORE 'Vision' Series) / GATHER

Looking forward to hearing our GATHER Pastor - Brian Klimke - share his heart in the area of WORSHIP! It's gonna be an awesome 'interactive' worship message! The Worship Band will be an integrated part of the entire service! Get ready to come and WORSHIP the KING!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheap Golf...

Sorry I missed ya last week (May 04th week) - I made a QUICK trip to Missouri and back in about 40 or so hours! Flew in that Monday (04th) at 9p and left that Tuesday (05th) at 5:30a! Ging and I bought my dad's old company vehicle (2007 Chrysler Town & Country)! Congrats btw to my POP (Clare Barrett) - officially RETIRED (Apr 23rd)!

Mom & Dad visited AZ last week to get their NEW HOUSE (Rancho Mirage) all LIVIBLE! Garage Door Opener / New Appliances / Etc... They'll be here officially the first week or two of JULY! They left this past Monday, and Tom & Wanda arrived the previous Friday! It's always GREAT having and seeing family - what a blessing and support they are!

This week - I purchased my SUMMER GOLF CARD from The Duke! What a deal!!!! Love SUMMER GOLF - because it means that it's CHEAP GOLF on GREAT COURSES -- as long as you can handle the HEAT!! Rates like...$14 a round or $7.50 a round - after 4p!!! And the DUKE is my home course - I'll be there as often as I can - EVERY WEEK! Or should I say - as often as GING allows me!! Looking forward to taking Isaac with me as well - he loves it - and is getting pretty good... + he's free!

Opened the POOL this past Monday too! Isaac & Caleb have been swimming EVERYDAY since! They are FISH!!

Charis is turning "1" (May 19th) - my baby girl!!
Since our 'Parents' were in town - we celebrated her birthday last Saturday! Enjoy some shots of my "ANGEL!"

Sunday Snapshot...

We are heading into a 4 week series on WHO WE ARE...

The CORE...

May 17 - VISION / Nehemiah 1:1-11 / Lead Pastor - Josh Barrett
COC 3rd Anniversary Sunday!

May 24 - GATHER / Acts 2:42-47 / Gather Pastor - Brian Klimke
"Added to their number daily those who were being saved" - "...they devoted themselves to breaking of bread and prayers praising God."

May 31 - GROW / Acts 2:42-47 / Grow Pastor - Duncan Robinson
'devoted the fellowship of all the believers were together, they ate together"

June 07 - GIVE & GO / Acts 2:42-47 /
Give-Go Pastor - Mat Balgaard
'they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching" - "they gave to anyone as the had need"