Thursday, September 24, 2009

TOO Busy Not To Pray...

I don't understand sometimes the INJUSTICES that this LIFE holds, however I can peacefully rest in the ONE who holds this LIFE and knows about its INJUSTICES!

Thanks to everyone for you INCREDIBLE Prayer Support for Ginger over the last several days! She has been 'hammered' once again with another KIDNEY STONE - this probably makes close to 200 now! This one was rather persistent in its 'consistent' severity of PAIN! Yesterday (Sept 23) was the day! Her folks have been here - and that was nothing short of a miracle - as they were able to help with the KIDDOS since this week has held a healthy share of commitments... COC Office Moving / Critical MUSD School Board Mtg / Elder Mtg / STUDY DAY! Thanks Tom & Wanda! Please keep praying for GINGER and her stamina - she is already experiencing some minor 'tremors' of pain again - which means... MORE are on the way!

She is a ROCKSTAR!

Kiddos ROCK (as usual)...
-ISAAC is still DOMINATING on the Flag Football Field and he loves having his POP around this week! Many Wal-Mart runs have been made!
-CALEB as well loves having his POP around too! Busy little bee is he!
-CHARIS... well let's just say that Grandma has been just 'DANDY' hanging with her little angel - who has a new nickname... "CRAZY HEAD" (You should see this little girl's HAIR in the AM's!)

SUNDAY SNAPSHOT... (New Series!)

Regardless of what you think... TIME is not AGAINST you - it is for you!
God designed the PERFECT AMOUNT for each of us - TWENTY-FOUR!
To say that we need to "MAKE MORE TIME" is simply BAD THEOLOGY!
When we find ourselves TOO BUSY NOT TO PRAY - then something is JACKED UP!

God says that PRAYER has the makings of something REMARKABLE!
The potential is UNLIMITED!

Let me ask you...

Luke 1:37 answers that... "For NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God!"
For those of you who are a little SLOW today...
That means... (Dramatic Pause)

According to LUKE 1:37...
We should PRAY BIG - ASK BIG - BELIEVE BIG - because HE'S BIG!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well... according to JESUS - it should ALWAYS be 3:30!! John the Baptist had it right when he stated in John 3:30 "HE must become GREATER; I must become LESS!" That's what TIME it is folks! Whenever that TIME is out of whack - my life is simply JACKED UP!

God says in Scripture that He detests PRIDE! He HATES it! He is not a fan of GLORY THIEVES! Glory-Stealing is what started this whole mess (SIN) to begin with! When LUCIFER had a thought to become GREATER than God! He said FIVE times... "I WILL...I WILL... I WILL... I WILL... I WILL... BECOME AS GREAT OR GREATER THAN GOD!" And God said ONCE... "NO YOU WON'T!" And then drop-kicked him out of Heaven - to where he now searches DAILY to DECEIVE anyone who would believe that "THEY ARE ALL IT & A BAG OF CHIPS!"

I simply would ask - as I'm trying to do with myself more often (Daily/Hourly/Minute to Minute/Each Second) - "WHAT TIME IS IT?" If it's not 3:30 - it's simply not the right time!!! Here's a link to my new 'REMINDER' (FOREVER) of 'WHAT TIME IS IT?"

Just got back from TEXAS yesterday - where Ging & I spent the previous FIVE days with my best friend (Brad Wilkerson) - They celebrated there 1st BDAY on Sunday - GREAT DAY! They have seen since launch... 42 Salvations / 52 Baptisms! 'God's Name Is Being Made More Famous' on the 380 Corridor in Texas! TY Brad & team for staying FAITHFUL with COC Metro!

Got home to some SICK KIDDOS! Charis & Caleb both are running pretty HIGH TEMPS! Momma is not feeling well either - KIDNEY stuff! Please PRAY for us - that our HEALTH will be restored soon!


Ultimate Fighting Challenge

Fun week as we CLOSE-OUT the UFC Series! It's BEAT-DOWN time as I get to play with REAL SWORDS this Sunday!

'Taking up the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT - which is the WORD OF GOD!"

Should be some FUN as we look closely at COMPLETING our DAILY DRESS CODE for COMBAT!!

Don't Miss It!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Snapshot Only...


Ultimate Fighting Challenge

Ephesians 6:16 In addition to all this, TAKE UP the Shield of Faith, with which YOU CAN EXTINGUISH all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Two men went fishing. One man was an EXPERIENCED fisherman, the other wasn’t. Every time the EXPERIENCED fisherman caught a BIG fish – he’d put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh! Whenever the INEXPERIENCED fisherman caught a BIG fish - he threw it back – and with every LITTLE fish he’d catch, he would keep!?

The EXPERIENCED fisherman watched this go on all day and finally he became so frustrated with what he was witnessing (a WASTE of some GREAT FISH) – he asked the simple question… “WHY DO YOU KEEP THROWING BACK ALL THE BIG FISH YOU CATCH?” To which the INEXPERIENCED fisherman replied… “I ONLY HAVE A SMALL FRYING PAN!”

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) tells us… FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things ‘Hoped For’ & the EVIDENCE of things ‘Unseen!'

Praying for you - see you on Sunday!!