Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Enough said. I am getting into routine and habit in Blogging weekly posts - hope I'm not gloating too soon!? Anyway...you can accomplish what you put your mind to and...what you put in your planner to do weekly!

I'd like to continue asking you all for prayers on behalf of my wife, Ginger! She still is fighting daily against those Kidney Stones - constant battle and struggle! What an amazing woman of grace and elegance though - how she does what she does with smile everyday - I'll never know!?

Isaac is overcoming his recent bout with Bronchitis! My son has a flair for the dramatic, and he overheard me say that he has 'Severe' Bronchitis, as if that is an accurate prognosis?! So...whenever we let folks know why he coughs like a 'barking seal' - he is quick to correct our..."He has Bronchitis" with a.. 'It's SEVERE Bronchitis...Dad!' - "Oh yes son, I'm sorry!!" What a drama king!!

Caleb is...well Caleb! Getting into everything - discovering that the "mind of his own" is just that - a "mind of his own!" What a ding-dong!

Charis Leigh - Could anything be more perfect? Now becoming mobile - crawling and pulling up on things! Contrary to what her Mom may say - (don't tell her please) - "SHE IS A DADDY'S GIRL!"

Starting a new series this week...
PIRATES (Where Ye Treasure Is ~ There Be Ye Heart)

We're also launching our "SEE THE INVISIBLE" Vision Initiative!

We'll be attempting to go on a JOURNEY with JESUS in reaching a 1.26 Million Dollar Goal in the next three years!

FAITH? Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things that we cannot yet see. (Heb 11:1)

That's the essential ingredient to making this dream a reality! We can't see what exactly this goal will accomplish so we MUST rely on God to make it accomplishable!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well - so far, so good! It's been about a week since my last post and here I am again with another post! And who said that New Year's Resolutions don't last!

It's been quite a busy week since Ging and Charis left town! Last week was NUTS with the 3 - 14+ hours a day and the Converge Southwest Assessment Center! My first experience on the other side of the table in being an assessor! My buddy, Brad Wilkerson (www.cocmetro.com), was here doing the same as well! We finally got to the Golf Course(s) on Friday (where I pulled off only my 3rd Victory over my 'Scratch Golfer' friend in about 100 times - a day I am proud of!) - and then on Saturday - where he returned to his familiar ways of 'kicking my tail!'

I've definitely missed my wife and baby girl, but most likely not as much as Misty Balgaard has - who was extremely gracious in watching the boys numerous times! THANK YOU MISTY!!


PROJECT 1:8 Commit Sunday!

We'll be wrapping up our FAMOUS LAST WORDS Series - with a feature on the... ENDS OF THE EARTH portion in Acts 1:8 - we'll also be having some guests from VISION ABOLITION (www.visionabolition.org) with us - should be a great day!

Next week we'll get everyone up to speed with some 'BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY' - RIDICULOUS FAITH stuff in February as we start our GENEROSITY EMPHASIS MONTH (PIRATES Series) and introduce "SEE THE INVISIBLE" to the COC Family!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years Resolutions...

The goal is to try and post a blog at least once a week! I have failed on many attempts in the past to keep the blog rolling consistently - but I am working on self-discipline in the BLOGGING ATMOSPHERE! I know these would be idle goals at this time and time will tell if I can maintain - so this is the first step in learning to walk again with BLOGS!!

Ging headed out of town for a week with Charis - so and I'm a single Dad with the boys! Should be some fun! I'll catch up next week with more words on my world...stay tuned!

Started a series this month called...FAMOUS LAST WORDS

It's our OUTREACH EMPHASIS MONTH and we are focusing on ACTS 1:8 and the Great Commission!

Jerusalem - Wk 1 (Our own backyards...Maricopa/Our Families/Our Workplaces)

Judea - Wk 2 (Vision Arizona / Iglesia Vida (www.iglesiavida.org))

Samaria - Wk 3 (COC Metro (www.cocmetro.com))

Ends of the Earth - Wk 4 (Vision Abolition (www.visionabolition.org))

Should be an exciting month introducing GENEROSITY in EVANGELISM - setting the stage for a HUGE FAITH MONTH in February (Generosity Emphasis Month) and SEE THE INVISIBLE...wait and see!!!!!!!!!!